Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Understanding the importance of "Action" in human life

Man is said to be the crown of creation. Action is the insignia of life. Breathing is an action. Action makes a difference between life and death. Man must manage his actions in this world from birth to death. Life is nothing but an expression of experiences through action.

Proficiency is of little importance without efficiency. Knowledge is of little value without wisdom. Attitude determines the quality of action. We are endowed with freewill to choose the action. The sojourn in this planet is too short to get an insight into the dynamics of action. Scriptures reveal the secret of action that gives us freedom. 

The insight into the dynamics of action is imperative to exercise freewill. The evolution of inner growth depends on our ability to understand the choice of the action that elevates us. 

Proficiency & efficiency and efficiency & effectiveness are the common words that are used in managing our personal and professional life. Life is a burden for many and a bliss for few. 

The world is the same for all but the experience is different. It is not the action that is the cause for the burden or bliss, but the attitude towards the action. The competitive environment forces us into stress and strain. We pay a heavy price for lightening the burden. We are confused and confounded about our choices. 

Man is the only creation to whom choices are given. Choice is a blessing when it gives freedom and a curse when it creates conflict. Arjuna, the greatest warrior of his time, endowed with valour and wisdom, could not face the situation on the battle field. The modern manager/man is like Arjuna. Arjuna suffered from helplessness inspite of his valour and wisdom in choosing the right action on the battle field.

All of us find ourselves in a situation of helplessness inspite of our wisdom because of our attachment to things and people. Ignorance is the cause for the disease of delusion. Knowledge is the only cure. We suffer from C'tti'e Arjuna-disease. The Krishna-cure is available for us. 

Source: The Dynamics of Action

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