Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Learn, Relax and Enjoy

1) _____ you finish, you'll be in trouble. Otherwise      Unless
2) The company _____ accountant was arrested last week has gone bankrupt.    Which                        whose
3) I saw her just _____ day.           Another          other               the other
4) This is the town ____ I was born in.    where             when              which
5) This is the town ____ I was born.         Where                        when              which
6) I'm not used to ____ that.                       Do                   doing             
7) ____ your help, I would never have managed.                     But      Not      Unless           Despite
8)The two brothers do look ____.              Like                 alike
9) No sooner ____ got there than they started annoying me. I had               had I
10)Only when ____ left, did we notice what she had done.    did she         she did     she had     had she
11)I'd rather ____ go if you don't mind.    Not      not to
12)It's high time you ____ that.     Stop    to stop                        stopped          stopping
13)The company ____ chairman was sacked last week has called in the receivers.   Which    whose            whom
14) I wish I ___ go there on Friday.          Could             should                        would
15) If he ___, I won't stay.   Come             came              comes                        will come
16) He denied ____ it.         say      saying                        to say             
17)You ____ better hurry.              Should                       had                 would
18) I wish they ____ be quiet; they know how it annoys me.  Could             should                        would
19)She took ___ painting after she retired.         Down             from                up
20) She didn't let them ___ it.                    do        doing              to do

To have more success in future and to increase self-confidence. The following pointers help you in your life.
1)Concentrate on one thing and become very good at it.
2)Make a list of your achievements and positive qualities. Think about these regularly and forget about your past failures. Others are not as gifted as you imagine. There is no point in running yourself down. If you think small of yourself, others too, will.

3)You have a tremendous undeveloped potential. William James has said that an average man uses only 10% of his real potential. Tap the 90% and see the magic.

4)Considering that we spend about we spend about half our waking hours earning our bread and butter, we can hardly say our lives are fully successful if we have to spend fifty percent of it in work that leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and miserable. If you find yourself in this position, you better act. It would make your future more successful than the past.

5)Determine what work you consider would satisfy you and then go all out of secure it. this requires courage. Efforts never go waste. Do not easily be put off by thoughts that it is too late or that you are too old.

Do you collect stamps or coins?                             Do you like to play games? Which ones?
Do you like to play cards?                                                  Do you ever gamble?
Have you ever bet on a horse at the race track?            Do you like to cook?
Do you sew?                                                                Do you knit? If yes, what can you knit?
Do you prefer to read books, newspapers, or magazines?
What kind of articles do you like to read?                        Are you a news junkie?
Tell us about a hobby you have had for the last ten years and explain how it started!

1)How ____ did it take you to get here?              far       long
2)How ____ work did you get done today?         much  many
3)How ____ do they have meetings?                  often   much  far
4)How ____ going to the cinema tonight?          long    far       about   many
5)How ____ is she?                                              age     old      
6)How ____ is it to the shops?                              Distance        far
7)How ____ did you do in the test?                      Well    good
8)How ____ is the train journey?                          Far      long
9)How ____ did you manage it?                           exact   exactly
10)How ____ are you feeling?                              Tired   tiring

1)A ____ of lions                                          set                   pride               herd
2)A ____ of monkeys                                  set                   school                        troop               flock
3)A ____ of fish                                            set                   herd                troop               shoal
4)A ____ of badgers                                    herd                school                        troop               set
5)A ____ of whales                                     herd                flock                school                       
6)A ____ of bees                                          herd                hive                set                  
7)A ____ of fish                                            flock                school             troop
8) A ____ of dogs                                         set                   herd                pack
9)A ____ of sheep                                       herd                pack                troop
10)A ____ of cattle                                       pack                troop               herd
11)A ____ of sheep                                     flock                pride               school
12)A ____ of wolves                                    flock                herd                pack       troop
13)A ____ of birds                                       shoal              flock               school       pack
14)A ____ of cows                                       pack                shoal              herd
15)A ____ of seagulls                                 flock                school              herd
16)A ____ of hounds                                  flock                herd                pack                set
17)A ____ of rhinos                                     troop               crash              set                   pack
18)A ____ of wasps                                     crash              set               swarm               cloud
19)A ____ of ants                                        hive                colony              crash             
20)A ____ of snakes                                   colony                bed                 nest

How to destroy your enemies?
Once, when Abraham Lincoln was the president, he said very kind words about the confederates. A woman immediately asked him. “ Mr. President, how can you speak kindly of your enemies when you should rather destroy them?
Lincoln replied, “ Madam, do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”

Pun ‘n’ fun
A famous punster once boasted that he could make a pun on any subject. When he was challenged to do that in a banquet, he looked around and asked. ”Will any one give me a subject?” “ The King” , someone called out immediately. Without a moment’s hesitation the punster punned, “ The  King is not a subject!”

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