Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Test Your Knowledge


1)What year did you _____ university?
 Graduate      graduate from         graduating     graduating from
2)It seems to be getting worse. You had better _____ a specialist.
 consult          consult to       consult with              consult by 
3)Chicago is a large city, _____?
 aren't it           doesn't it        won't it            isn't it
4)Don't leave your books near the open fire. They might easily _____.
 catch to fire  catch the fire             catch on fire  catch with fire
5)Do you enjoy _____?
 to swim           swimming     swim  to swimming
6)I have trouble _____.
 to remember my password             to remembering my password
 remember my password     remembering my password
7) Do you have _____ to do today? We could have a long lunch if not.
 many work     much work  many works  much works
8) My brother will _____ for a few nights.
 provide us up            provide us in             put us up      put us in
9)When will the meeting _____?
 hold on          hold place     take on           take place
10) The board meeting was held _____.
 at Tuesday    on Tuesday             with Tuesday            in Tuesday
11) Why don't you _____ us?
 go to the house party with           go together the house party with
 go the house party with      together the house party with
12)That awful accident occurred _____.         before three weeks                           three weeks before              three weeks ago     three weeks past
13)They didn't _____ John's plan?
 agree with     agree to         agree              agree about
14)The social worker _____ the two old sisters who were ill.
 called to the house of         called on the house of        
called to                                 called on
15)Tomorrow is Paul's birthday. Let's _____ it.
 celebrate      praise                         honor                        congratulate
16)If you don't understand the text, don't hesitate _____.  ask a question  asking a question                          to ask a question                 to asking a question
17)It's snowing. Would you like to _____ on Saturday or Sunday?
 skiing                        go to ski          go skiing      go ski
18)Our company didn't pay _____ for that banner advertisement.
 much funds              many funds  many money             much money
19)Do you feel like _____ now?
 swimming     to swim           swim  to go swimming
20)Tom was thrilled to be _____ such a beautiful and interesting lady.
 Introduced      introduced at                        introduced with        introduced to
21)"What happened to them last night? They look depressed"
 "I don't think _____ happened."  Nothing   everything    something   anything
22)"It is not very cold. I don't think we need these big jackets."
"I don't think so, _____."  anyway                         neither           either            too
23)"Bill is not doing well in class."
"You must _____, that he is just a beginner at this level."
 keep minding           keep to mind             keep in mind  keeping in mind
24)"Excuse me. Do you know where the bus terminal is?"
 "It is _____ the large police station."
 opposite       opposed to    opposite with            opposite to
25)"Those students will perform the annual school play."
 "Yes, it is _____ for next week."  due  scheduled   time-tabled   put on
26)"You are welcome to order the goods now."
"But payment should be made _____."
 for advance  advancing     in advance  to advance
 27)"Where do you live now?"   "I live in Paris; my _____."
 parents too do           parents do     parents do, too       parents also do
28)I cannot understand my neighbour's accent. I wish she would _____. 
 speak clearer   clearer speak         more clearly speak  speak more clearly
29)"Why are you driving so fast?"        "I'm _____."
  must be hurry          in hurry          in a hurry      hurrying
30)I have your music CD. I think I _____ your concert video.
 also have      have too         too have         have further
31)I hear you have started a new job. _____ like it?
How do you             How                What you       What do you
32)I really have to go now. I have _____ the doctor.
 appointments to   an appointment to   appointment with    an appointment with
33)I can meet you at Central Station. Will _____? 
 convenient for you              that convenient    that be convenient     you be convenient
34)I don't have any results for you today. I _____ tomorrow.
 have any       may have any           have some    may have some
35)I would rather _____ a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe.                    have               to have           prefer                          prefer to have
36) "Where _____ last weekend?"       "I went to see my aunt and uncle."
 are you go     do you go      have you went          did you go
37)I was very surprised _____ that she didn't pass the exam." 
 hearing          to hearing      at hearing      to hear
38)"Why _____ she isn't speaking to us?"
"We must have done something that upset her. She is just too sensitive."
 are you think             are you imagine       do you think            you think
39)I hope that this winter won't be _____ last."
 as cold as    so cold as      as cold like    so cold like
40)Sorry to be late. I was delayed by _____."
 a heavy traffic           heavy traffic             some heavy traffic  traffic being heavy
41)The sky is getting dark. It _____ rain is on its way.
 looks              looks like                  seems to                   will be
42)Would you do me a small favour? I _____ very much.
 appreciate it     would appreciate                would be appreciative   would appreciate it
43)I am familiar with that product. I don't know _____ times I've seen it advertised on TV.  how many              how often      how much     many often
44)"When _____ leaving for Toronto, Canada?"
"We are planning to set out at 10 o'clock."
 are we            will we            will us             are us
45)I asked Robert when he could fix my leaking tap. He said that he would come round and fix it _____. as much as possible          as possible as he could     
 as fast as he could possibly           as soon as possible
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