Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

1)When we woke up, everywhere was _____ snow.
 covered          covered by    ►covered with         covering
2)Do earthquakes _____ often in North America?
 break              break out      happen to     ► occur
3)We had better _____ before it begins to rain.
 ►leave          leaving          to leave         to leaving
4)A large crowd _____ in front of the train station.
 gathering       to gather       ►had gathered        had gathering
5)In winter, driving accidents occur quite _____ on the highways.
 ►frequently                          many             much             a few
6)Would you like to _____ to the United States?
 trip                   voyage                      ►travel                     went
7)Most people at some stage have a feeling _____.
 Responsible                        responsibility           ►of responsibility   to be responsible
8)This stadium can hold _____.
 much audience        ►a large audience              much audiences      many audiences
9)When the mountain forests _____, there can be large forest fires.
►become dry           becoming dry                        become drying         drying
10)"What kind of work are you doing for that company?"  "I'm _____ as an administrator."      worked               occupied        hired              ►employed
11)"I don't want to buy anything, do you?"     "Yes, I'd like to buy _____" 
 pencil                         much pencils                        any pencils  ►some pencils
12) We can _____ sports on Saturday if you'd like.
 do                    have             play                 ►enjoy
13) _____ the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak season.
 Almost            Almost of       ►Almost all of          Most of all 
14)"Where did you work before?" "I worked only minutes _____ railroad track."
 from                ►from the                near                away              
15)"I don't think it will rain at all today, do you?"       "No, I _____ so."
 think not       not think       ►don't think                        do think not
16)We have only another five minutes. I think we _____.
 hurry               be hurry         to hurry          ►should hurry
17)Many fans showed up at the stadium. They were _____ the big game.
 anxious seeing        ►anxious to see      to anxiously see       to see anxiously
18)"Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?"   "I met many _____ people."   grandly                    celebration               fame                ►prominent
19)"John isn't sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow."    "But I _____."
 certain                       certainly                      ►am certain                         am certainly
20)My brother loves to watch baseball; I _____ basketball.
 prefer to watch     ►to prefer watching    watch preferring       preferring to watch
21)Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will _____ soon.
 be circulate              circulate around                   come near     ►come around
22)I think our guests will _____.
 ►be here shortly     shortly be here         here be shortly         here shortly be
23)Who _____ when John is likely to turn up.
 know                          do know         is knowing                 ►knows
24)The managers are _____ a new work schedule now.
 ►arranging               arranging up                         be arrange     to arranging
25)His family keep asking him _____ smoking.
 give up          giving up       ►to give up               to giving up
26)I plan _____ swimming twice a week from now on.
 do        enjoyed          play                ► go 
27)We have an exam next week. It is very necessary _____.
 study hard     ►to study hard         hard study     to hard study
28)They opened the door at noon. Some people were already _____.
 in line to wait            in line waiting           line in waiting           ►waiting in line
29)The theater performance _____.
 succeed         successful     was success             ►was a success
30)I had _____ finding my way around New York when I first arrived.
 quite time       a quite time  a time quite  ►quite a time
31)Guess who I _____ yesterday. I meet my old landlord at the bank.
 into run          into ran          ►ran into      run into
32)The next bus will arrive _____.
 three o'clock              ►at three o'clock     on three o'clock        in three o'clock
33)He was _____ have a doctor's appointment today.
 supposed      supposing     ►supposed to          supposing to
34)"Why are you rushing?"                   "I have _____ with my doctor."
 ►an appointment               a pledge                     a promise                  a contract
35)"Let's _____ a new movie tomorrow."                    "Yes, let's." 
 ►take in        take into         take to            taking
36)I will stay in the Golden Hotel in New York. Why don't you guys _____?
 Visits                        visit in                          ►drop in                    call in
37)We will serve our guests soon. We had better ____ now.
 have table set                       set table         setting table              ►set the table        
38)He hurt his leg  _____ in order to miss the exam."
 at purpose     for purpose    in purpose     ►on purpose
39)How is he _____ these days? I hope he is doing well.
 get along       get to along  ►getting along         to getting along
40)Are you going to _____ with your cousin while in town?
 ►get in touch           getting in touch        to getting in touch    have touch
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