Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Let Go and Move Forward

Why You Need to Let Go and Move Forward.
We all go through positive and negative experiences during our lives. Unfortunately, most of us remember the unpleasant or negative situations - some of which go back years or even all the way back to childhood - and we hang on to them. Some of these events may have or happened 6 months ago. Something someone did may have angered us, caused us to build up resentment, seek revenge, etc - and we simply don't let it go - we just keep thinking about it - as though it happened just a few hours ago.

When we hold on to these negative experiences we actually block our ability to move forward and don't allow our self to heal. How many pleasant memories do you recall everyday? Chances are, like most people we have a number of unpleasant experiences that we're holding on to, and that prevents us from moving forward. These negative experiences can be anything; - a traumatic event  that took place during our childhood or a fight you had with a friend which resulted in a grudge that you still carry - and because of that grudge you no longer speak to each other. These are the kinds of things many people carry - the more we carry the worse life gets - it's that simple. Why?

Because we've filled our mind up with negative experiences – by hanging on to something that doesn't allow us to move forward. our mind and subconscious mind are too consumed with the negative experience - that we cannot attract or allow positive experiences to enter our life. our subconscious says - you like unpleasant - I'll give you more of the same. And it's only because we're hanging on to something that doesn't help us. We're carrying useless baggage that's really slowing us down. Think of it this way - you're on a trip and along the way you keep picking up heavy objects, things that really don't serve you - but you want to hang on to. After a while - the excess baggage begins to weigh on you. It slows you down and unless you get rid of it - you'll never get to where you want to go.We can begin to let go by simply getting our mind to focus on something different.

If we really want to start moving on – then we have to get our mind to focus on new things. When we do that we  automatically let go of the negative events and situations that have been slowing you down. Start focusing on what you want to happen. Let go of the past and negative situations by getting our mind to focus on different things. Direct our subconscious mind to help us let go by giving it new instructions.

How Not Letting Go Can Ruin Your Health

Today, researchers are looking into how holding on to negative feelings and emotions impacts the nervous system and human cells. They believe that if you hold on to negative feelings and sad emotions or depressing memories there's a chance that you could  reshape the human cell - to the point where your thoughts of the past have a negative impact on your cells and your physical health. Hanging on to negative past events can destroy your life in ways you're not even aware of. Sure there have been negative things that have happened - I'm not asking you to ignore them - acknowledge them - they did happen.
But ask yourself these questions: Do they serve you any purpose? Do they help you move forward? Do they work in your favor in any way?
If you said no to any or all of the above questions then tell yourself this:
This emotion/feeling doesn't help me so I'm letting it go and focusing on what is important.
Then begin focusing on what you want next - focus on what is important and what can improve your life.

When you do what I just outlined you get your mind moving in a new direction. At the same time you stop building negative energy that you created from the negative events/emotions - that negative energy which only attracted more negative situations.

When you begin focusing on more positive things and focus on what you want you begin shifting that energy and start attracting positive situations to help you create the life you want.

The next step is to create a new action plan - let's face it the past is over - so what next?
Where do you want to go now? How do you plan to get there? You may not have the answers to all these questions - but merely  thinking about the options and the future - forces your mind to go in a new direction.

When you do this - you automatically let go of unwanted feelings and emotions.
For example: Let's say you have a fight with a friend - and you're angry - what now?
What do you want to happen next? Carrying that anger and resentment no longer helps you and doesn't serve any positive purpose - so you choose to let go of it.

But what about your relationship with your friend - do you want to continue with it?
Do you want to improve it? Do you want to set the record straight? Do you want to move on and forget about it? Holding a grudge is not an option. Trying to make that persons life miserable is not an option. Trying to get revenge is not an option.
Why not?
Because those actions are driven by emotions - which you just chose to let go of - so what's next in the relationship?
When you make that decision - you've already let go and begun moving forward.
If you had a traumatic experience as a child and continually
re-live that experience then choose to let go of it. Ask yourself - what now? What next? Do you want to focus on your life now - and if so what do you want to improve or achieve? Don't focus on what you
don't want - focus on what you want.
When you do this you've moved the mind away from the past, you've let go of unwanted emotions/feelings and you're taking the next step - which is moving forward.
Your success will depend on how you train your mind and subconscious mind to focus on what you want.
Start moving forward by choosing to let go of unwanted and negative situations or events that you remember. Start moving in a new direction by focusing on what you want. Begin taking steps to create the life that you want. Shift your energy and get your subconscious mind to help you attract positive situations.

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